About Us

Whether you need a top of the line competition gun, carry gun, or heirloom piece, Calhoun Custom Firearms is the perfect choice. We cherry pick the best parts on the planet, and create a firearm that is built from the frame up, on your frame, to each customer’s exact specifications. Our goal is to build a firearm that meets or exceeds all your expectations.

Calhoun Custom Firearms
1120 Hwy 70
Kingston Springs, TN 37082


Slide Modifications:
Frame to slide fitting
Flat top slide
Tri Top Slide
Slide/Cocking Serrations
French Border
Lightening cuts

Frame Modifications:
Contour Front strap
Under cut trigger guard
High Power cut front
Mag Well Installation
Carry Melt down
Fit Ambi-safety/Single side
Fit Firing pin stop
Fit/Tune Extractor
Fit Aftec Extractor
Fit Plunger tube
Fit Ejector
Fit Mag release
Trigger Job – you specify pull weight (parts extra)
Competition 2-2.5 lbs
Carry 3.5-4 lbs
Duty 5-6 lbs

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